About us

At WTCCI, we provide a full range of expert solutions for all kinds of water treatment needs. Based on our professional water treatment experience to chemically treat the cooling tower water, chilled water, waste water, steam boilers, glycol loops etc., we can provide a wide spectrum of custom designed economical solutions which will help you to attain full operational efficiency to run your water systems trouble free.

Based on implementation of our water treatment chemical program, we commit to:  

  • Lowering your operating costs.
  • Help you to protect your investments in equipment & a good return on your investment (ROI).
  • Avoid premature failure & replacement of costly equipments.
  • Avoid costly down-time.
  • Avoid local environmental by-laws violations.
  • Provide Process efficiencies with proper chemical treatment.
  • And last but not least provide you peace of mind & full customer satisfaction.

Our water chemical treatment program will help you in:

  1.   Maintaining the water systems with maximum heat transfer efficiency for which they are designed.
  2.   Extending the life of your equipments.
  3.   Less down time due to any break downs.
  4.   More environmentally friendly way to treat your water.

Our full range of chemicals is available for treatment of all types of water systems to meet your specific needs with full customer satisfaction. Please visit individual sections and contact us for further details at info@watertreatchemicals.com or call us at 905-796-5656